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Topic: Safety Tips for New Motorcycle Riders

Owning and riding a motorcycle is a fun and energy efficient way of getting around. Many new riders find the idea of riding a motorcycle appealing due to the image that they feel they portray. However what many of these new riders fail to keep in mind is that while owning the bike can be fun, safety must come first.

Learn the Basics- Before you go out and buy a motorcycle, make sure that you have an understanding of basic riding skills. Finding a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course in your area gives you an opportunity to learn not only the basics about riding a motorcycle, but can teach you what to do when you need to perform emergency evasive maneuvers. While costs do vary for these courses, completion can make you eligible for insurance discounts and even a credit towards the cost of your bike depending on the manufacturer.

Protective Gear- While riding around in jeans and a tee shirt may make you feel ‘free’, it is also a recipe for disaster should an accident occur. Make sure to get proper gear including reinforced jackets, full pants, over the ankle footwear, gloves, and of course a proper helmet. Studies show riders that don’t wear a helmet are 40% more likely to suffer fatal injuries in an accident. It is recommended to find a helmet that has been approved by the Department of Transportation, which can be found with DOT certification stickers on them.

The Bike- Different manufacturers and models of motorcycles contain different power and safety features. Make sure that you research and purchase a motorcycle that you can handle. Make sure that you can easily get on an off the bike, and that handlebars and controls are at a confortable spot within easy reach. Consider investing in safety features like antilock brakes that can help decrease the chances of an accident becoming a fatal one.

Safe Riding- When riding your bike, you must remember that you do not have the added benefit of a barrier between you and the road in the event of an accident. You must be more cautions and aware of your surroundings. Ride defensively. Most fatal accidents occur when drivers to not see motorcyclists and pull out, or change lanes in front of them. Watch out for other road hazards such as sand, water and debris. Be aware of weather. Rain makes roads slippery and decreases visibility while wind can push you around and make it harder to stay upright in your lane.

The reality is that motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to die in a crash than those who drive in cars. Following these safety practices can mean the difference between life and becoming just another statistic.

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