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Apartment Rental Mistakes to Avoid

Renting an apartment requires less responsibility financially than owning a home. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that finding a place to rent is easier than finding one to buy. The personal and financial considerations used to narrow down the search are completely subjective, all of which depend on the individual’s needs. However, these universal mistakes for apartment hunting can be avoided by everyone. Armed with enough knowledge and the right Boston Renters Insurance, you can steer clear of unnecessary stress and mistakes.

Mistake #1: Skimming over the lease.

The jargon might be exhausting and less than exciting to read, but it’s important you know your rights as a tenant and what your responsibilities are. Highlight when rent is due, fees that might apply to you, move in and move out etiquette, etc.

Mistake #2: Foregoing renter’s insurance.

This policy is a must for any renter. In the event of a fire or an emergency, renter’s insurance will allow you to replace lost, stolen or damaged items. This coverage typically only costs between $100 and $300 per year, a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Mistake #3: Waiting too long.

Apartment rent prices fluctuate depending on various factors. Apartments use pricing software that adjusts rent rates according to various factors such as occupancy, competitors’ rates and market conditions to calculate the best possible rate. If you are interested in leasing an apartment, do not wait. Lock in your rent rate before it is gone, suggests Angie’s List.

Mistake #4: Moving in sight unseen.

Pictures can tell a thousand words, but they aren’t always accurate. Plus, you can’t smell funny odors or determine the functionality or flaws of the place based on a few pictures. If you’re planning on moving with roommates, visit the place together so everyone can make a prompt decision.

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