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Rental Mistakes to Avoid: Lease Concerns

Anyone who has ever rented understands the process can be tedious and tiresome. However, if you’re new to the renting process, or are not as experienced as you’d like to be, read up on our common rental mistakes to avoid. We covered the basics, but now we’re going to go into depth about how to avoid leasing snafus. In addition to Boston Renters Insurance, you can steer clear of unnecessary stress and legal complications by heeding the following advice.

Prepare to sign the lease.

Skimming over it might save you time, but it won’t save you the headaches of dealing with a restrictive lease. Be sure to inspect the place prior to moving in, note any issues that might arise, and ensure the apartment is up to code and has the necessary safety measures in place.

Look for inconsistencies.

While combing through the pages of your lease, ensure the terms are agreeable to both parties. Communication, liabilities, repairs, payments, etc. need to be agreed upon before the landlord and you sign the documents. Be sure to read over the clauses that limit your rights as a tenant, such as subleasing, how long you can have visitors, smoking, pets, and more.


Both tenants and landlords are bound by the terms of a lease, and either party may commit an infraction by failing to follow a policy or disregarding the other's rights. A lease may allow the landlord to charge fees or withhold a tenant's security deposit due to unpaid or late rent, or damage to the rental unit. Likewise, a landlord who fails to provide utility service as specified in the lease may be vulnerable to a lawsuit, but only if the tenant can afford to file a claim and hire a lawyer, none of which solves the initial problem of no gas, electricity or hot water, explains Home Guides.

Lease term.

You should know going into the lease how long you plan to stay. If you sign a longer lease, chances are you’ll score a better deal on rent. However, this means you’re required to stay for that amount of time, and leaving early for whatever reason can make you liable for hefty lease breaking fees.

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