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Three Reasons Why You Need Truck Insurance

Businesses whose partners and clients are primarily international rely on cargo ships to transport their goods. Businesses that operate locally or nationally rely on trucks to serve as their workhorses. Whether you use a pickup truck in your construction business, a flatbed truck in your landscaping business, a dump truck in your waste-management business, or a semi to transport your products to stores or distribution centers, a Massachusetts Truck Insurance policy will ensure that you are financially protected from risks inherent to trucking.

Types of Massachusetts Truck Insurance Policies
The following truck insurance policies are available:
Primary liability. This mandatory coverage protects you in the event that your truck is involved in an accident and sustains damage or injures someone.
Comprehensive physical damage and collision. This coverage will pay to repair or replace your truck or trailer if it’s damaged due to collision, fire, theft, a weather event, or an act of vandalism.
Motor truck cargo. This coverage protects you if freight being transported in the truck is lost or damaged.
General liability. This coverage protects you if your truck causes injuries or property damage on your premises.
Non-trucking liability/bobtail. This limited-liability coverage protects owner-operators who are affiliated with an ICC-regulated carrier. It protects you if there’s an incident when you’re not on dispatch, nor pulling a loaded trailer.
Top Three Benefits of Truck Insurance
As with any insurance product, truck insurance protects you from the potentially devastating risks that are very real possibilities every day. As noted above, there are many compelling reasons to purchase truck insurance. An analysis of Commercial Truck Insurance and Benefits conducted by The Research Pedia concluded that the top three benefits of truck insurance for most companies are:
Financial protection that allows you to repair or replace your truck if it is damaged accidentally in a collision,
Financial protection in case a truck is involved in an accident with an uninsured or under-insured third party, and
Financial protection if a third party suffers bodily harm caused by the truck’s driver and needs medical intervention.

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