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Steps to Take After a Flood

No matter how much we try to prepare, things happen that are beyond our control that can have devastating effects on our lives. When a flood occurs, the damages to your home and your health can be extremely difficult to handle. Here are some steps to take to help make the process of recovering a little easier.

Get Help
Help comes in many forms after a flood. You will want to contact your insurance agent to start the claims process as quickly as possible. The Red Cross will be able to provide some immediate assistance while your insurance company handles all the legalities that come with a claim. They can help to provide vouchers for food, clothing, and other essential items that you will need. They can also provide clean-up kits for you to start the process. What’s more, in extreme flooding situations, Red Cross can help you find shelter.

After a major flood has occurred in your area, your first instinct is to get back to your home and try to assess and repair damages. Keep in mind that due to debris and water damage, some roads will be blocked off. These barricades are for your protection. If you are able to find an un-barricaded path to your home, take care and be sure to stay on firm ground and to stay out of the water as best you can. Rushing water can sweep you off your feet as well as hide debris and animals that can harm you. Be aware of any downed power lines, as the water can become a conductor of electricity that has not yet been shut off in the area.

A flood is a stressful situation. The emotional and physical stress can cause more issues in addition to injury caused from debris and other hazards. Be sure to keep a manageable cleanup schedule and write up a list of the things you need to get done to keep you on track. Be sure to take breaks often and allow your body and mind to rest. Eat healthy meals to give your body the proper nutrients it needs and do not be afraid to seek help and emotional support during this time.

Cleanup and Repair
Once you are able to return to your home, be sure to take precautions by turning off power at the main breaker even if the power in your area is down. This allows you to decide when your home is dry enough to safely turn the power back on. If you decide to hire cleanup crews and repair contractors, be sure to confirm that they are qualified. Focus on protecting yourself and your family first and foremost.

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