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Simple Resolutions for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you are likely inundated with tons of tasks each day. While trying to keep your head above water, you might only have distant dreams of achieving personal goals and excelling in your market space. However, with these simple resolutions, your business can stay competitive and relevant through 2017 and beyond. Before doing any sort of revamping, ensure your business is secured with a General Liability Insurance policy.

Find the right technology provider.

You likely rely on another company to outsource your business applications, computers, and servers. Therefore, finding the right one to manage your personal information is critical. When searching for a partner, Small Business Trends suggests the following:
Look for providers of complete end-to-end solutions, as opposed to one-off products.
Ask other business owners about their experience with local technology providers. Did the IT provider act as a trusted partner and tailor service to their individual needs?
Test potential partners by giving them a “pilot” project and evaluating their performance.

Go mobile.

The majority of your website visitors are going to be coming from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Without the necessary configurations, your site will appear distorted and not easily navigable for these users. Going forward, invest some time and money into making your website mobile friendly.

Back up your data.

Cyber-attacks are more of a concern than ever before, so back up your data with a disaster recovery strategy. Next, secure your data with a cloud backup solution, as well.

Strive to learn more.

Professional development should be more than just a buzz phrase. As a small business owner who wants to remain competitive, you need to continually expand your own skill set and keep up with the latest tools, techniques, and technologies that can help the business succeed,
explains the article.


There’s so much competition out there, so hone in on specific skills. For example, if you’re a baker, focus solely on your specialty cupcakes. If you’re a lawyer, pick one or two types of law to focus on. Ramp up what you’re best at to make your business stand out and thrive.

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