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Making an Effective To-Do List: Preventing Procrastination

As a business owner, you have numerous things on your plate each day. As some of the more important, yet dreaded items, get pushed to the bottom, you might feel like you’re drowning in tasks. However, to keep your head above water, a tried and true method will aid you in your mission: a to-do list. Rather than put a little effort in, heed the following advice for creating and accomplishing your to-do list this week. In addition, protect your business operation with a Boston Business Insurance Package.

Make it the night before.

When you’re at the office scrambling to figure out what to tackle next, it can feel overwhelming. Write down your to-do list the night before so you can take on projects first thing in the morning, giving yourself plenty of time to get everything done.

Evaluate the list’s contents.

Everything that goes on your daily to-do list should fit two criteria: It should be something important that you need to do–versus that which doesn’t really need to be done or which can be delegated to someone else–and something that needs to be done on that day. Too often, we stuff our lists with items that we don’t need to do or which don’t need to be done today. That crowds out the more important items and might result in working longer hours unnecessarily, explains Fast Company. This will help to prioritize what you can do yourself versus what you can delegate.

Write down time estimates.

Whether the task takes 10 minutes or an hour, provide time estimates for each task. The quick ones can be knocked out quickly so you can focus on the more time-consuming tasks. This will also help you better plan how you will spend your day.

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