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Is Your Business at Risk due to Augmented Reality?

Is Your Business at Risk due to Augmented Reality?
By now, you’ve probably at least heard of Pokemon Go, the online game in which players use their smart phones to hunt for Pokemon and battle other players. The game is so appealing because it very realistic – thanks to augmented reality technology. If you’re a Massachusetts Small Business owner, you may assume the only risk augmented reality games and products pose to your business is that they could compromise workplace productivity. That’s not true. There are more exposures to your business than meets the eye.
The Unexpected Workplace Dangers of Augmented Reality Games
According to an article on The Washington Post, though augmented reality is not real, it poses very real risks in the workplace. The top risk by far? Distracted players – not necessarily your employees, but your customers and even users walking through or in front of your place of business. Whether they’re playing a game or researching a fact on their Google glasses, someone who is walking, driving, or cycling and using a wearable augmented technology at the same time is not paying attention to where they are going. Waiters in restaurants have been tripped by distracted patrons. Customers have run into shop displays, tripped on steps, run into walls, etc. while using the technology. When an accident happens in your place of business and someone is injured, who is held liable? You are!
There are other risks, too. Pokemon Go can draw huge, almost stampede-like crowds if you happen to be “lucky” enough to have a Poke Stop near your premises. These crowds aren’t there to buy what you’re selling. They may, however, decide to commit a crime of opportunity – shoplift – feeling that the crowd will help them avoid being caught. They may vandalize your property and even deter legitimate customers from entering your business.
There’s simply no way to safeguard your business from all risks. From Pokemon hunters to theft, risk abound every day. You can take steps to mitigate your risks by securing solid insurance. Metro Boston Insurance Agency can help. Call us today at 617.884.5480 to get started.
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