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Home Holiday Safety Tips

The holidays are a fun time of laughter and celebration with family and friends. With all the decorating, giant feasts, and winter trips there is always something to do. However, every year, accidents happen that can turn the celebrations into a time of stress and recovery. Here are some holiday safety tips to help prevent accidents from happening to allow you to enjoy your holiday season.


1)Use indoor lights indoors and outdoor lights outdoors. Make sure that all lights are properly secured and never use more than the recommended number of light strings connected together.
2)Make sure that trees are properly watered to prevent them from drying out and catching fire from the heat of lights. Never place your tree near a fireplace or where it can block doorways.
3)Keep holiday plants such as poinsettias, mistletoe, holly berries and amaryllis out of reach of children and pets that may find them enticing and eat them. These plants are beautiful but poisonous when consumed,
4)Never use lit candles near a tree, curtains, or any flammable item. Always remember to put candles out when leaving the room.
5)Make sure to turn off all lights when you go to bed or leave the house.
6)Never stand on chairs to reach for high decorations. Use an appropriate step stool or ladder. Ensure that slip resistant feet on the ladder are in good condition. Never be up on a ladder outdoors when there are strong winds, or when it is raining or snowing.

1)Make sure when preparing holiday dinner that you wash your hands and all utensils and counters to avoid cross contamination of raw turkey with other foods.
2)Never defrost items by leaving them on the counter. Always defrost in the refrigerator or under cold water. Use proper thermometers to make sure that food is being cooked to appropriate temperatures.
3)Chatting with family while cooking is tradition but do not let it distract you from the task at hand. Be aware of lit burners on the stove and never let them go unattended.
4)Be aware of the amount of alcohol consumption of your guests. Make sure there is a designated driver and do not let guests drive when they have had drinks.
5)Allow yourself time to prepare and shop to avoid getting sick due to stress.

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