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Holiday Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

Living in a small apartment isn’t all that different than living in a large single-family home. You need a Home Insurance Policy, you need furniture and décor, and you need to celebrate the holidays in style. You may not have room for an 8-foot-tall blue spruce, but you can definitely take advantage of these holiday decorating ideas for small spaces.

Skip the Tree, Embrace the Trimmings

If you love the look and smell of a real Christmas tree, but don’t have space (or the desire to haul one up to your third-floor walkup) embrace the trimmings! If you visit a place where live Christmas trees are sold, you’ll probably find plenty of stray branches on the ground. When customers buy trees, they often trim off the bottom branches (to make room for the gifts that will pile up underneath!) Many retailers will let you take these branches for free. When you place them in vases, they look like mini Christmas trees (and smell great!) According to a study published in Oxford Journals, surrounding yourself with a fragrance you love can boost your mood and relieve stress!

Tabletop Tree

Instead of a traditional Christmas tree (faux or cut), purchase a large potted plant, decorate it for the season, then keep it year-round. Place it on a tabletop, decorate it with garlands and ornaments, and place colorfully wrapped gifts around the base. (They don’t have to be actual gifts. You can wrap empty boxes and no one will know!)

Wreath Centerpiece

Wreaths are small-space-friendly opportunities to bring the scent and beauty of live evergreen into your home. Besides hanging them on your walls, place one in the middle of your dining table and place a large red candle in the middle for a festive centerpiece.

Light it Up

Indoor holiday lights are inexpensive and versatile, and they will instantly make any space feel festive. Wrap lights around mirrors and doorways, tack them up around the perimeter of your ceiling, the possibilities are endless!

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