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Flood Safety Tips

According to the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), natural disasters such as hurricanes, tropical cyclones, and tornados are becoming more frequent and more intense. Global climate change, overpopulation, and land development are probable reasons contributing to this phenomenon. Even if your home or business has never flooded and is not located near a flood-prone area, you should strongly consider purchasing a Flood Insurance Policy.
Don’t Underestimate the Power of Floodwaters
You’ve probably heard the catchphrase, “Turn around don’t drown.” Unfortunately, there is loss of life in most severe flood events because people don’t heed this warning. Never attempt to walk or drive through water when you aren’t sure how deep it is. As little as six inches of moving water can knock you down and two feet of moving water can carry a car away.
Remember That Flash Floods Can Happen Very Suddenly
During heavy rain or when heavy rain is forecast, do not park or camp near waterbodies. You could be trapped by unexpected, swift rising water. Sometimes, a low-lying area can be dry one minute and quickly filling with fast-moving floodwaters five minutes later. In some cases, flooding occurs that quickly.
Have a Plan
Know in advance what you’ll do if a flood is imminent. Where will you go to reach higher ground, and what route will you take to get there safely? What will you do to safeguard your pets? What irreplaceable items will you bring with you when you evacuate? What safety items will you pack in your car in case you are stranded by flash floods trying to reach safety? If you have enough advanced warning, is there a tall parking structure where you can park vehicles when you evacuate?
If you don’t have flood insurance, call us at Metro Boston Insurance Agency, 617.884.5480 to add this important coverage.
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