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Fall Homeowners Maintenance Insurance Policy

As pumpkins appear on porches and leaves change colors and begin to fall from the trees, that’s your signal that it’s time to wrap up your fall preparations before winter settles in. One of the most critical things you need to do is to make sure your Homeowners Insurance Policy is in force and up to date. If you have made improvements to your home over the past year, you need to make sure your insurance has been updated to protect them. You also need to finalize your fall home prep work before winter’s chill settles in. Here are some fall homeowners maintenance items you don’t want to overlook.
Seal Your Doors and Windows
If like most homeowners, you’d prefer to keep your heating costs to a minimum, you need to caulk, seal and weather strip your doors, windows, and skylights. If you aren’t sure if these areas are properly sealed, here’s a quick way to find out. Light an incense stick and walk through your house holding it up to windows and doors. If a draft is present, smoke will flow toward it. That’s your cue to caulk or add weather stripping to those areas to keep cold air out.
Add Insulation
It’s not pleasant but it’s smart: head up to your attic and check out the state of your insulation. If you notice exposed joists, it’s time to add more insulation. If you’re not sure how much or what rating you should add, contact a local contractor or home improvement store.

Safeguard Your Plumbing
Freezing temperatures cause burst pipes. Burst pipes can cause flooding in your home. Wrap your pipes with insulation and make sure all plumbing lines are flowing freely and free of clogs. Additionally, it’s wise to drain your water heater in fall. Draining removes sediment and can improve efficiency by 50%! You’ll spend less time shivering in the shower waiting for the water to heat up.
Check Your Chimney
House fires are especially prevalent during winter in cold climates like ours. The National Fire Protection Association reports that the Number One cause of home heating fires is dirty heating equipment -- especially chimneys. Money spent hiring a skilled chimney sweep is money very well spent. It could save your home and your life.
Fall is a busy time! With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas on the horizon, if you’re not busy already you’ll probably become busy very soon. Check one important item off your to-do list: making sure you are well insured. Contact us at Metro Boston Insurance Agency, 617.884.5480. We’ll take a look at your coverage and help you achieve peace of mind that you’ve taken care of this critical task.
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