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Do Your Procrastinate in Your Business? Here’s How to Stop

Procrastination is a silent killer in small businesses. Whether you’re waiting to jump start your social media campaign, putting off an important deadline, or even procrastinating on your finances, these practices can have devastating effects on your business. Here are simple yet effective solutions to implement, both now and to maintain in the future. Even more importantly, secure your small business with a Boston Business Insurance Package.

Make a to-do list.

This tried and true method is an easy way to visualize and prioritize what needs to be accomplished. Rate everything by importance and tackle the most critical tasks first.

It’s also recommended to schedule everything in blocks. Block off available times on your schedule to focus on the tasks at hand without interruption. If you make the calendar public, your employees can see when you’re busy and when you’re available. Another tip? Set reminders for yourself. Whether it’s on your phone or email alerts, remind yourself to set aside time to cross off some of the things on your list.

Target the ones you avoid.

“I love to-do lists and the satisfaction of crossing off an item,” says Robert Brady, founder of Righteous Marketing. “However, there are always tasks I avoid and put off. When I notice this, I create a new to-do list on a sticky note that only contains three to-dos. I don’t move on until those are knocked out,” he states to Small Business


Try project management.
Utilize a web-based project management tool to get a bird’s eye view of everything that needs to be done within each department. Not only will this help you strategize how to accomplish all of these tasks, it will help you focus on short term and long term goals for your business.

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