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Contractors: Bad Habits That Need to Go in 2016

As the New Year begins, most contractors have wrapped things up from last year and are setting their goals to make 2016 more prosperous. Just like personal New Year’s resolutions, work resolutions begin with plans to kick some old habits that just aren’t working in your favor. Here are the top two bad habits that need to go in 2016
Discounting Service
Not to say that discounts are a bad thing, however you need to keep in mind that there is a difference between a discount and a cut in the quality of your service. Many contractors bid on jobs and feel that they need to have the lowest bid in order win it. Consumers are, however willing to pay a bit more for the guarantee of great quality and service. Be sure to make it very clear that while you may not have the lowest bid, you have the best offer. Give specifics to let the consumer know that you understand exactly what they want and that you have the solutions they need.
Paper Trails
Many contractors find that managing the forms and documents aspect of your contracting jobs is more time consuming than managing your workers. This is why many contractors have decided it is time to go digital. While it does take time and money to switch to a digital filing, tracking and planning system, 84% of businesses have seen results within 18 months. Digital systems allow for quicker and easier access to files, contracts, plans, and even helps with managing labor.
Bad habits are easier to pick up than they are to quit, however understanding what they are and how to resolve them can help increase productivity and profits.
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