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Avoid These Bad Homeowner Habits

If you own a home in Massachusetts, there are certain things that should be done. You need to have Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance and review your policy annually to make sure it’s still adequate to protect your interests. You need to have a furnace that’s in good working order to get you through our frigid winters, and have it serviced and checked each year. Avoid the following bad homeowner habits to protect your investment.

Bad Habit One: Flushing Things That Can Clog Your Pipes

If you read the label on a box of feminine hygiene products or pre-moistened wipes, it might state the aforementioned products are “flushable.” They might in fact disappear into your pipes when you flush them. But they often remain in the pipes becoming saturated with grease and waste until they form an impenetrable barrier. Eventually, you’ll flush and your toilet will overflow. Don’t risk it. If you use these products, dispose of them in a trash can.

Bad Habit Two: Hanging Your Dry Cleaning on Your Doorknob

Admit it: You’ve done this before! It’s understandable that you’d want to hang that heavy load of apparel-laden hangers on the first available spot. Unfortunately, doing so can strain the door knob and hinges. Over time, your door may come out of alignment and fail to close properly. Take the extra few steps into your closet to hang up your load.

Bad Habit Three: Building Blazing Fires in Your Fireplace

Yes, a fire in your fireplace will keep you warm and add ambiance. There’s certainly nothing bad about that! What is bad is burning paper, cardboard, etc. Stick to wood and perhaps a fire-starter log. Adding paper and cardboard can cause the fire to roar and increase from a temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit to more than 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit! Temperatures that high can damage your fireplace or, worse yet, send sparks and embers flying onto your floor and causing a house fire. Burning wrapping paper is especially dangerous, noted an article in the Washington Post. Besides causing a fire to flare up, it releases toxins and carcinogens into the air. There’s much to think about when you’re a homeowner!

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