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Auto Insurance: Protecting Your Identity

In the age of data breaches and identity theft, losing tangible identifiable information is riskier than ever. In years past, forgetting your driver’s license at a bar or having it inadvertently fall out of your pocket was a nuisance, but it was typically resolved with a quick trip down to the DMV. Drivers would go down to their local DMV office to stand in line, pay a fee, file some papers and wait for a new card to come in the mail.

Today, however, misplacing your driver’s license can lead to a whole host of further complications, including criminal activity and identity theft. No one expects identity theft to happen to them, but the fact is that it happens to millions of Americans each year. There are a few essential steps you can take to minimize your risk exposure to identity theft should your driver’s license become misplaced or stolen.

Notify the authorities as soon as you notice your license is missing. Filing a report with the police and the Department of Motor Vehicles will help establish a record of the events and should any illegal activity occur could help you dispute any fraudulent charges.

Working with identity theft prevention and monitoring services can also be helpful in monitoring your credit scores, financial assets and other personal records for fraudulent activities. Furthermore, monitoring your own criminal and driving records can help you stay on top of any fraudulent activity that could be damaging to your own reputation.

Running background checks, pulling driving records and searching warrant databases will give an individual an idea of whether or not their identity is being used to conceal a criminal’s real identity as they are perpetrating other crimes. While these measures may not prevent identity theft, they can definitely help drivers mitigate the potential effects of a lost ID card.

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