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2015 Marketing Tends to Increase Holiday Sales

As the holidays get closer, businesses should be putting in extra effort to ensure that their customers have an optimal shopping experience to help bring in more sales. The best way to do this is to understand what sales and marketing areas they should be focusing on.

More and more customers are shopping from the comfort of their own homes via the Internet. This means that you need to make sure that you are providing fast, and easy service through your website. Customers expect websites to load quickly and be easy to navigate. Take the time now to ensure that any bugs that your website may have are handled and that things run seamlessly as consumers navigate their way through. This is also the time to make your website mobile friendly. Many consumers use their mobile phones to browse websites and creating an app that runs smoothly with your website will allow ease of shopping for your customers.

With the advent of same day shipping, consumers have high expectations. Make sure that you can meet their expectations with realistic shipping costs and times. Make it known that there are cutoffs throughout the season for a customer to order a product and be able to receive it before the holiday.

Online Safety
As more customers shop online, the threat of cyber attackers targeting companies and stealing client information becomes a greater issue. Ensure that you and your customers are protected from cyber attacks by safeguarding your websites and confirming that security systems are in place and up to date. Test your system ahead of time to find where any holes in security may be and fix the issues before the influx of consumer transactions that inevitably comes with the holiday season.

Marketing Venues
You may feel that having great sales will help draw customers to your site and your business but without the right marketing customers wont even know about them. Consider advertising on social media as well as sending emails and even texts to help get the word out about sales. Make sure that you are using pictures to not only advertise the product itself but the product as a part of everyday life. For example, having a stock picture of a pair of boots is fine for the purchase page, but having a picture of someone wearing the bots while taking a stroll down the road is better for advertising.

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